Narrative development & Proposition design

getting to the heart of your presentation

how are you going to keep
your audience engaged
and make your proposition irresistible?

present your value, engage your audience

what’s the story…?
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Let’s go back to the fundamentals of your products or services. Are you communicating benefits that matter to your audiences; is it time to review and realign your core proposition and messaging?
Stories help us imagine what might happen in the future… and the future is probably what your presentation is about … even if you’re presenting an annual review. We’ll help you identify your big ideas and develop a narrative that will keep your audiences hanging on your every word!
Presentation Review
A professional review and appraisal of your presentation. When you and your colleagues are too close to something, having someone from outside your organisation offering opinions and suggestions can be invaluable.
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We Like
Telling Stories.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you develop your presentation narrative. Whether you’ve got a Sales Pitch, Stakeholder review, Trade Show presentation or a TED talk, we can work with you to develop your messaging around your value proposition to help you really connect with your audiences.

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