Designing your messages,
developing a narrative

getting to the heart of the matter

Great ideas, impressive products
unbeatable services…

but does anyone care?

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we'll help you get the message right
What’s the story ?
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Value Proposition Review
Unwrapping the essence of your organisation
How well do you understand your world from your customers' point-of-view. Defining your value proposition is an invaluable first step to reappraise your key messages and develop a memorable narrative. Ideally, we would hold a workshop with you to identify key strengths and opportunities in your product market fit.
Message Creation
Answering the Why, What and How
Taking the outputs from your Value Proposition Canvas, we can then work with you on key messages. Although they might help you brainstorm some taglines, the messages should be an answer to your customers/audience needs, wants and desires.
Narrative Development
Connecting through story
To really make sense of "the why" of your ideas, service or product offering, the best way to frame your 'raison d'être' is with an engaging narrative. It helps your audience understand you, makes your message memorable and adds to your communication toolbox.